The condition of hardwood parquets and all the other hardwood flooring deteriorate in time, despite their general high level of durability. The layer of varnish becomes matt, there appear minor or major dents or scratches, and some of the floor boards or blocks may need replacing.

The biggest advantage of using wood indoors and outdoors is the possibility of restoring and rejuvenating it. We can restore your parquets, floorboards, mosaic flooring or wooden terraces and breathe a new life into them.

There are many ways to bring out the initial beauty of hardwood flooring. Sometimes you just need to rejuvenate it with the available maintenance products. Other times, when your floor has major damages, we would suggest the restoration of your flooring. This means that it will be sanded to remove the damaged wood and layers of old varnish. In both cases your flooring will look as it has just been installed.

In order to prepare a tailor made offer for you we will arrange the viewing of your floor with our skilled workers who will suggest the possible solutions so you could enjoy the beauty of a perfectly finished hardwood flooring.

If you are interested in this service please do not hesitate to call us or visit us in our show rooms!