Engineered wood floorboard for underfloor heating

This product is addressed to the most demanding clients. Its impressive size of 600 - 2000mm length, 185mm width and 14mm thickness, makes it a perfect solution for all who want to enjoy the luxury of a hardwood flooring with underfloor heating.

Owing to the special underlayer these floorboards retain their size even in a heating season, where they are affected by higher temperatures. Our wide range of hard wax oils gives you the chance to select your preferred colour.

We also offer two types of finishes for your floor:

  • SMOOTH – sanded floorboard covered with hard wax oil. Such flooring gives the feel of elegance, leaving the natural look at the same time.
  • BRUSHED – natural wood grain covered with hard wax oil. Such flooring will ideally match a rustic look interior, but it will be also appreciated by the clients who want to increase the prestige of their interiors and retain the natural look of the flooring.

The range of high quality hard wax oils creates a great finish. The oil deeply penetrates the wood living a smooth protective layer of wax. The floor does not need sanding, only the maintenance products should be used every heating season. It also enables you to make minor repairs of the floor.

The range of available sizes from 600 to 2000mm limit the amount of waste during floor installation and emphasize the 100% natural look.