A standard 1200/120/22mm oak floorboard is one of our flagship products. Our many years of experience with hardwood flooring made us chose this product as it guarantees the stability of material. The client can decide how they want to install such flooring, as follows:

  • FINISHED PRODUCT INSTALLATION – a floorboard is processed according to the order and is covered with varnish. It is then ready to be glued to the floor. The big advantage of this solution is that the sanding, and dusting resulting from it, does not take place at the client’s premises. Additionally, we can brush the boards or bevel them to obtain a V-shape.
  • TRADITIONAL INSTALLATION – unfinished bare wood floorboards are glued to the floor. We then sand them, put the filler on them and finally varnish them. The advantage of this solution is the floor looks smooth and ‘seamless’.

Hard wood oak floorboards can represent different styles depending on the finish, i.e. classic, rustic or contemporary style. Oak wood is perfect for lacquers, stains, oils or hard wax oils. The choice depends on how you want to use your floor – sometimes the best option is to use lacquer, other times oil will protect your floor better.