How we work

Having gained that experience we can now ensure that each phase of project realization will be performed to the highest standards to make you satisfied with, and us proud of the final result. Those phases include:

Meeting in a show room

We invite you to visit our show room located in Cwiklice (near Katowice City). During such visit you will be given the details of our products and services. Our sales assistants will explain all the technical aspects of hardwood floor installation, suggesting options that would be most suitable for your project.

Viewing of your floors

If you take an interest in our products we can arrange a site visit with our skilled workers, on a mutually agreed day. They will measure the moisture content and levelness of your subfloor as well measure the floor area with a laser (guarantees high accuracy of the outcome). At this phase we will identify all the preparatory work that would need to be done before the flooring is laid. It has to be remembered that a well prepared subfloor is one of the most important elements guarantying durability of a hardwood flooring.


Following a site visit we will prepare a full works specification quotation (all materials and their quantity). At this phase we make a tailor made offer to suit your needs and we discuss your preferred finish of the flooring – selection of wood protective layers, skirting boards or mouldings, and flooring pattern.

Acceptance of quotation

Acceptance of the offer is done through providing the agreed advance payment. At this time we also agree the deadline for delivery of materials, works commencement date as well as the project completion date.

Project realization

During the whole process of project realization, one of our designated sales assistants keeps in touch with you and coordinates all the works. They will answer all your questions and update you regularly on the progress of works so as to limit the possibility of any misunderstanding.

Project completion

After completion of works we will meet you at the site for your acceptance of the flooring as well as we will use special tools to measure its moisture content and temperature together with the microclimate in the room. Upon the signing of the Work Acceptance Certificate we give you a 3-year warranty valid for the following 3 heating seasons. At this time we expect to receive the outstanding payment for all the works done in relation to your project. Cooperating with clients in the manner described above ensures satisfaction from our services. The whole project is supervised by one representative from our team and all the details are agreed only with them.

In the case of orders that are different from the standard ones, e.g. when they involve more than the installation of hardwood flooring, the level of cooperation is the same, only the scope of agreement can be altered depending on the needs.

We invite you to visit our show rooms or contact us (for contact details go to the ‘Contact’ section).