Oak and ash hardwood parquet makes the interior look warm and homely. Well-installed parquet is durable, gives excellent insulation and can be regularly restored or rejuvenated making it last for years.

The big advantage of having parquet is the possibility of choosing the flooring pattern – see SELF-HELP section. You can obtain a different look for your flooring, from a very classical and elegant one, through rustic and retro, to a very contemporary one. The type of wood we use for our parquets, ash and oak, also allows us to give the parquets different finishes. They look perfect when covered with varnish or having a different gloss finish.

Gloss Properties
Visibly highlights the wood grain but leaves the toned finish. It is perfect to cover all damages resulting from everyday use of the flooring..
SEMI-MATT Perfect for protecting your flooring from various damages, leaving a coat that slightly reflects the light.
HIGH-GLOSS Provides a beautiful smooth surface. Emphasizes the wood grain, reflects the light and additionally lights up the interior. It is advised to choose this kind of flooring in rooms which are least used as this finish makes all the scratches and dents visible.

The modern trend on the market is to finish your flooring with oil or hard wax oil, which are either clear or coloured and stain the wood.

Finish Properties
Provides deep impregnation of the wood protecting it from dirt and moisture, leaving a matt finish and highlighting the wood grain.
Provides deep impregnation and protection of the wood leaving a silk semi-matt finish on its surface that highlights the wood grain.

Both of the products, the oil and hard wax oil, help to repair minor damages of the parquet, thus sanding will not be necessary.

The hardwood parquet manufactured by us has a standard thickness of 22mm. Upon request we can:

  • decrease parquet thickness,
  • finish a 600/100mm hardwood block (the installation is done only by means of gluing it to the floor).

Available sizes in mm, as follows:

Length Width Thickness
600 100 22
500 100 22
400 100 22
400 70 22
400 50 22
300 70 22
300 50 22

For more technical information on individual types of wood please go to the SELF-HELP section.